Otaku ni Yasashii Gal toka, Kyonyuu no Osananajimi toka – Episode 2

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Shogo’s gyaru classmate Yua used to torment him sexually. But, Yua was already dependent on his dick and couldn’t function without him. As a result, she finally developed feelings for him and chose to date him.

Mc wants to make his girlfriend feel wonderful, and she wants to make him feel good as well, but she is a little anxious about the pain because this is her first time. She then advised him to use a rubber instead.

As Mc broke up with his girlfriend and decided to move on, he contacted his slutty childhood buddy to have sex with her. But, Mc grew irritated when she remained silent during the sex and eventually decided to go full hardcore on her.

Mc has an extremely attractive sister, and one night the sister got wasted. He became engrossed in fantasy after seeing his sister in such a situation. He made the decision to masturbate in front of her while she was asleep.

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