Isekai Kita no de Special Skill – Episode 1

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Kita node Sukebe Isekai Zenryoku Ouka Shiyou to Omou’s skillful narration continues when the goddess grants Tatsuo, a virgin lad, his request. Now that he has the ultimate genitalia, he sets out on a mission to fight evil in this new planet while also creating his ideal harem.

After being put in an embarrassing predicament by Tatsuo, the goddess makes the decision to follow him to make sure he uses his newfound abilities for good. Tatsuo, who is ecstatic about his new skills, starts traveling and meets a variety of ladies, all of whom are immediately enthralled by his special “gift.”

Tatsuo learns that his powers have a greater impact than he first thought as he continues on his trip. In addition to falling in love with him, the ladies he meets also grow in power and ability, which enables them to support Tatsuo in his fight against evil.

Together, Tatsuo and his harem of strong ladies battle a variety of obstacles and foes as the goddess reluctantly lends a hand in the background. Tatsuo starts to doubt the actual nature of his talents and the purposes of the goddess as he grows up and has sincere affections for the ladies in his harem.

Finally, Tatsuo and his harem band together to confront the goddess, exposing her real motives and the unintended repercussions of his desire being granted. Tatsuo and his comrades eventually learn to harness their skills for the greater good, establishing a closer link as they jointly defend the planet with a renewed appreciation of the importance of love and sincere connections.

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