3 Piece – Episode 1

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Mira’s candy apple shop was a big success during the busy summer festival, attracting people with her good looks and friendliness. Mira’s stunning body was unmistakable in her yukata. Yuji, her devoted lover, helped her out, and the two of them worked really well together.

Mira and Yuji made the decision to test a new candy apple recipe one day while taking a break from their hectic routine. They experimented with various ingredients and methods until coming up with a distinctive chocolate-covered candy apple. Mira’s surprise appearance in a “bare apron” when it came time for the big reveal delighted Yuji and made their time together even more pleasurable.

Another time, Mira’s mother-in-law came along and shopped with them while sporting a sweet spectacles maid attire. Mira’s friendship with Yuji became deeper as they collaborated, and their closeness became closer. Yuji’s love and support meant a lot to Mira, and she made sure to show her appreciation in a number of ways.

Mira and Yuji made the decision to start a joint fitness adventure after feeling motivated. They started an engaging yet demanding workout program because they wanted to concentrate on their health and wellness. While they worked out, encouraging one other as they sweated executing squats, face-sitting exercises, and other activities. Throughout the process, Mira’s mother-in-law offered encouragement and advice, joining in as well.

Together, Mira, Yuji, and Mira’s mother-in-law developed a solid friendship as they managed their profitable candy apple stand at the summer festival while coping with life’s ups and downs. They discovered the value of helping one another, maintaining good health, and appreciating the little pleasures in life.

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